Why Wait?

House Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R, NC) has subpoenaed multiple leaders at Harvard University for their failure to produce documents the Committee has been trying to get through more cooperative channels for some time. These docs are related to Harvard’s performance in correcting antisemitism that’s rampant at the school.

The subpoena requires that documents in 11 key areas, show what actions the university has taken, or will be taking, to ensure that Jewish students “feel safe and welcome on campus,”  be produced NLT 5 pm on March 4.

My question is why the long deadline?

The Harvard management team knows where the documents are, those people have had all this time already to get the documents gathered up, and those people can deliver the documents in a couple of hours. They don’t need more than two additional weeks to do what they’ve been required to do, and have known that they’ve been required to do it, all this time.

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