Ungrateful and Entitled

New York City’s housing facilities for NYC homeless are full up with illegal aliens coming into the city. Why Progressive-Democrat Mayor Eric Adams favors these lawbreakers over the homeless in the city over which he reigns isn’t the point of this post, however. I’m writing about the flip side of that item.

Despite the stresses the influx of illegal aliens, in concert with Adams’ policies, have inflicted on the city’s facilities and finances, Adams functionally continues to welcome them, and he’s caused a makeshift tent city to be set up in Floyd Bennett Field, in Brooklyn. The Field is an erstwhile airport that now houses units of the NYPD, New York City Department of Sanitation, and United States Park Police. The tent city was built there to house 2,000 illegal aliens.

Shortly after 12:30 pm, Sunday, dozens of migrant families arrived at the remote housing site and wanted no part of it upon arrival.

They turned up their noses at the arrangement and got right back on the bus that brought them.

Because these illegals’ tastes are much too refined to be housed in mere tents. And they’d be surrounded by all those Evil Cops. Never mind that the Sanitation Department also is right there, to pick up after them. They’re entitled to much better handouts in recompense for their illegal entry into our nation.


The recompense to which these folks are entitled, the recompense they must receive, is prompt deportation back to their home countries, or at the least back into Mexico, through which most of them so freely traveled—after having become illegal aliens in Mexico, first, via their illegal entry into that nation.

But don’t hold your breath, so long as Progressive-Democratic Party politicians rule over these “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

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