“Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability…”

“…to [mess] things up.” That’s a characterization of Joe Biden attributed to ex-President Barack Obama (D) during Biden’s 2016 campaign for the Presidency.

Now comes the latest example of that…talent. Recall that now-Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden agreed to lift economic sanctions on Venezuela in return for Venezuelan capo di tutti i capi Nicolas Maduro’s promise to hold free and fair elections.

Following the request of preventative protection and in consequence, all the effects of the distinct phases of the electoral process conducted by the National Primary Commission are suspended[.]

Maduro won’t even allow the opposition party to pick its candidate for future defeat in a rigged general election. This should have been easily predicted, even by Biden and his “advisors.” Isaias Medina III, who resigned from a number of diplomatic posts he held in Venezuela’s name at the UN in protest of Maduro’s policies, had this on the matter:

Anticipating elections without a strong foundation of the rule of law is akin to expecting an apple tree to bear figs; a fundamental principle must be in place for the desired outcome to manifest[.]

But Biden says Maduro is an honorable man whose word is gold.

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