More Witness Intimidation?

Now Hunter Biden is suing the IRS and referencing one of its whistleblowers ostensibly for illegally disclosing private tax matters to the public. Never mind that what was revealed was matters relating the DoJ’s naked interference into investigations of Offspring Biden’s tax peccadillos.

But wait.

Biden’s lawyers suit documents appear[] to misquote IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, and those lawyers alter[ed] the facts regarding testimony from an FBI official about the Hunter Biden investigation [brackets in the original].

During an interview that aired Aug. 1, 2023, on Fox News, “Mr Shapley alleged that FBI General Counsel, Jason Jones ‘was given a letter the Sunday before [his July 17 deposition before the House Oversight Committee] from DOJ basically telling him not to talk,'” the lawsuit states.
The entire quote from Shapley on Fox NewsAmerica’s Newsroom is: “For example, the FBI SSA that testified for the House Ways and Means Committee, he was given a letter the Sunday before from DOJ basically telling him not to talk. And I know that he could have confirmed additional material facts on this investigation.”

And his lawyers are lying about the facts of the case. Lying, not making mistaken claims: these are highly talented and heavily trained lawyers and words are their stock in trade. They knew what they wrote in their complaint, they knew what they were going to write when they formed the thoughts, and they know what they’ve written after the fact.

The former agent [whom The New York Post identified as Joe Gordon] testified to the Oversight Committee on July 17 that the FBI “asked us to, quote, decline to respond to questions seeking nonpublic information likely covered by one or more components of executive privilege or other significantly—or other significant confidentiality interests…we intend to abide by and follow the Department’s guidance and expectations.”

This just seems like another method for intimidating the witnesses involved in the Joe Biden & Son potential criminal activities.

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