Very Dangerous. You Go First

Progressive-Democratic Party Congressman Dean Phillips, of Minnesota, wants somebody to challenge President Joe Biden (D) in the Progressive-Democratic Party’s currently sham Presidential primaries.

I would like to see a moderate governor, hopefully from the heartland, from one of the four states that Democrats will need,.
Anybody who wants to run, Joe Manchin, Cornel West…that’s why we have primaries because that doesn’t undermine the likelihood of returning, in this case, a Democrat to the White House. I’m actively inviting, encouraging to some degree, imploring, that people who are ready and know it’s probably time to do so take the chance.

Imploring, he is.

I look forward to Phillips’ formal entry into the Progressive-Democratic Party’s Presidential primaries. Or he’s just another timid politician desperate for the safety of the sidelines while he carps.

But somebody else should go first. Anybody but him.

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