“I’m Busy”

President Joe Biden (D) has traveled to Maui to observe the damage done by the wild fires there and to claim that “help would be on the way.” Biden has just been to Florida to observe the damage done by Hurricane Idalia and to claim that “help would be on the way.”

But Biden still hasn’t been to East Palestine, seven months after a train derailment that polluted the town and its water supply with toxic chemicals that leaked from train’s tank cars. “I’ve been busy,” he claims.

Well, I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine. There’s a lot going on here, and I just haven’t been able to break.

A lot of that lot going on here is the 40% of his time in office that he’s spent on vacation, mostly in his Delaware home.

And this bit:

Meanwhile, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R), Senators Sherrod Brown (D), and JD Vance (R) have called on Biden to issue a disaster declaration for East Palestine.

Biden hasn’t throughout these seven months since the disaster, even though the State and local jurisdictions have asked for the declaration. Biden’s vacation schedule has been interfering with that simple action, too.

It’s clear: Biden’s vacations are more important that going to East Palestine.

Frankly, the good residents of East Palestine are not missing anything in Biden’s absence. He’s speaking to them quite clearly from where he is.

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