The Fix is In

Recall that Delaware Federal Prosecutor David Weiss is the prosecutor who agreed to a wrist-slap plea deal regarding Hunter Biden’s tax failures and his illegal possession of a firearm. That deal was so soft, and so shady—Weiss even tried to slide an indemnity against any further prosecution on any matter into the rehab program Weiss had agreed—that the judge presiding on the case tossed it the day it was formally presented to her.

Now, Attorney General Merrick Garland, President Joe Biden’s (D) wingman in DoJ has appointed a special counsel to oversee the continuing/renewed investigations into Hunter Biden’s shady foreign dealings (many of which border on, if not actually are, FARA violations), money laundering, and influence peddling, all of which have implications regarding Joe Biden’s involvement.

That special counsel is…David Weiss. That David Weiss.

This is move does two things: it sets the stage for whitewashing the Biden family, and it actively interferes with the House investigations into Hunter Biden’s dealings and those dealings’ implications regarding Joe Biden. Now the principles and other witnesses have cover to refuse to testify before the House’s investigating committees: “it interferes with an ongoing investigation.”


And one more thing. The appointment of Weiss as special counsel is a sham. Special counsels, by statute, must come from outside government, not just outside DoJ. Weiss is not and he will not be outside of anything as a result of this move of Garland/Biden.

One more one more thing: all a special council can do, all the teeth that one has, is write up a report on his findings. He cannot require, or even recommend, prosecution or exoneration. Nor is there a deadline even for that senior thesis to be delivered.

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