More Coverup

Recall that President Joe Biden has had (and still has?) classified documents squirreled away in his garage at his house in Delaware, albeit protected by the presence of his Corvette. Recall, further, that Biden has had classified documents squirreled away in a variety of unsecure locations ever since he walked away with them when he was a Senator and had no legal ability to possess them anywhere. Among those unsecure locations is the library at the University of Delaware. And now,

Delaware’s highest court has blocked a request by conservative groups seeking to access President Joe Biden’s Senate papers at a state university.
The July 6 ruling by the Delaware Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision that sided with the University of Delaware in denying a request from Judicial Watch and another group seeking access to the records, which Biden gifted to the public university in 2012.


The university says Biden donated the documents on the condition they not be released until they have been “properly processed and archived.”

But, but: that was 11 years ago. Why is the University so slow in the processing and archiving? Its slowness raises other questions in my pea brain:

What classified documents are among those documents?

What information regarding Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexual assault in 2020, is among those documents?

What else is the university hiding for Biden’s sake?

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