And cynically contradictory. That’s the new Inclusive Writing Guide just published by the Portland, OR, government’s Office of Equity and Human Rights.

[C]ity staff members are being told to adopt a more “culturally conscious” vocabulary that includes not using words such as “women,” “Caucasian” or “citizen.”

There’s nothing at all inclusive about erasing women from the city via erasing them from the city’s approved Newspeak lexicon.


The staffers are also told to capitalize the word “Black as an adjective in a racial, ethnic, or cultural sense,” while under the definition of “white,” they are told to “not capitalize when referring to one’s race.”
The guide defined “white and whiteness” as “a social construct that serves to reinforce power structures” and suggested avoiding use of the synonym “Caucasian” entirely.

Because “black” isn’t at all a social construct, especially one that serves to reinforce—in the Left’s fetid imagination—victimhood structures. Not at all.

Nor is there anything inclusive about erasing American culture from the city’s Newspeak vocabulary. Immigrants and most illegal aliens alike come to our country explicitly for the benefits of American culture: the concept of limited government, the ability (not just the legal right) to think and speak and worship (or not) freely, the equality of economic and political opportunity, and above all, the very idea of these benefits as the center of American culture.

And this:

According to the guide, the term “citizen” is also “not inclusive” and should not be used by staffers.

It’s especially non-inclusive, and outright unamerican, to deny the essentiality of American-ness: erasing the term “citizen” from their edition of the Newspeak dictionary.

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