Obfuscation through Mislabeling

In New York, it’s being done cynically and deliberately in order to funnel American taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens.

The New York Senate has approved a controversial plan to divert federal money to provide low-cost health care coverage for “undocumented individuals.”

They aren’t undocumented individuals; they’re illegal aliens.

A legislative memo describing the bill cited by the New York Post reads

The lack of coverage for significant numbers of New Yorkers….

They aren’t New Yorkers; they’re illegal aliens.

Even Just the News (first link above) the past year….

No. They might—might—have been migrants when they left their home nation, but when they crossed our border illegally, they became illegal aliens, and they remain illegal aliens on their arrival in New York.

And again Just the News‘ mis-appellation, this time in summarizing the bill supporters’ claims:

…more than 400,000 immigrants don’t qualify for coverage options or public coverage through the New York State of Health Marketplace because of their immigration status.

They don’t qualify because their “immigration status” clearly demonstrates that they aren’t immigrants; they’re illegal aliens.

New York’s State Senate Republicans argue, correctly, that (paraphrased by Just the News)

the state should focus on caring for people living in the US legally.

Indeed. American taxpayer money should be committed, first and foremost, to supporting American citizens, whether native born or immigrant, and to supporting legal aliens, resident aliens present in our nation legally.

That’s made a whole lot harder to achieve when the illegal aliens are mischaracterized.

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