The ex-CEO of CNN, Chris Licht, was tossed at the behest of CNN employees. Fox Newsheadline calls them crybabies.

[T]he leftist activists on staff will not tolerate anything that questions progressive orthodoxy.

Here it is:

As Billionaire Warner Bros board member and Zaslav confidant John Malone put it back in August of last year he wanted “The news portion of CNN to be more centrist.” Pretty clear.
Less than a year later, on Wednesday, Licht was shown the door mainly for echoing these statements in an Atlantic magazine feature and for greenlighting a town hall on the network with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Think about that. Trump is the most likely GOP nominee for president at this point, and Licht thought maybe viewers should hear from him. For his trouble half the on-air talent at the low-rated outlet grabbed the fainting couch and threw a freak out over “platforming” Trump.

The crybabies aren’t the employees of CNN, though; the crybabies are the management team, from Warner Brothers/Discovery on down, who showed how terrified they are of their employees.

They’ve surrendered Bedlam to the inmates.

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