Spot On

Ada Lluch is a Spanish lady who frequently posts on Instagram and Twitter. She has this to lead off a recent Instagram profile leads off with this:

It is extremely necessary to bring back traditional values to our society, especially to Gen Z.

She’s talking about Spanish society, but her statement is universal.

She posted this on Twitter [emphasis added]:

Why are people in America called by their race like African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic-American instead of just American?
In my home of Spain we have many different colors of people but everyone is considered Spanish if they were born here.
I could be wrong but I do not think any other countries break their people down by what race they are like America does.
This is why your country has a race problem, because your government perpetuates it with labels.

But this labeling is part and parcel with the Left’s, and their Progressive-Democratic Party’s, deliberately divisive, and openly racist and sexist, identity politics.

“Be more like Europe” goes the mantra of the Left.

Certainly, we would do well to be more like Spain in this milieu.

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