Stepping Up

Great Britain is sending Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said that the missiles are now going into or are in the country itself, although it’s unclear how many are being sent or whether there are more in the pipeline.

The export version of the cruise missile (which I ass-u-me is the version being sent) has a range of 155 miles, cruises at 100 feet above ground, and carries a 1,000lb warhead.

Wallace also said that We simply will not stand back while Russia kills civilians. The missiles will allow Russian launch sites to come under attack, and they will facilitate deeper interdiction of the barbarian’s supply lines, fuel and ammunition depots, and troop staging areas.

Now the question remains, especially in light of Wallace’s overt refusal to simply abide while the barbarian commits his atrocities: Where in the world is Joe Biden?

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