Our Future with the Progressive-Democratic Party

Recall the Progressive-Democratic Party’s open assault on democracy when its State-level representatives shut down the Wisconsin and Indiana governments’ ability to do their citizens’ work by deserting their State legislative duties by running out of those two States in order to deny the respective Houses of Representatives the quorum necessary to function—all because those Progressive-Democrats couldn’t get their way honestly through our nation’s—and those States’—democratic processes. Those disruptions lasted for weeks.

Fast forward to a very few weeks ago when three Representatives, members of Tennessee’s Progressive-Democratic Party, led a riot on the floor of Tennessee’s House of Representatives. Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden subsequently lionized those riot leaders with a visit to the Oval Office.

Now we have Progressive-Democrat-supported rioters inside the Montana House of Representatives, shouting down and shutting down that House.

Riot police have descended on Montana’s capitol after left-wing protesters disrupted proceedings in the state House of Representatives in support of transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr, a Democrat, who was censured by the body last week[.]

This is the domestic side of the job Biden said he wants to finish in his reelection announcement last Tuesday. This is the nature of the unity on which Biden campaigned for President the first time around.

Update: I’m reminded by a reader under separate cover–and shame on me for forgetting it–of the Texas Progressive-Democratic Party’s walkout at the end of the immediately prior Texas legislative session in an attempt to deny democracy and democratic procedures to the good citizens of Texas, all because Party members couldn’t get their way honestly.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) had to call a special session over the summer in order to complete the people’s business.

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