“Finish the Job”

President Joe Biden (D) announced his decision to run for four more years as President last Tuesday in a three-minute Hollywood-esque video. A video, no press, no citizen, present, and especially, no questions, no spontaneity, nothing extemporaneous or free-flowing.

Just: “Let’s finish the job,” his new slogan.

Here’s one aspect of the job he wants to finish, in the foreign relations environment. American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow specializing in Iran, Turkey, and the broader Middle East, Michael Rubin:

He entered office speaking about human rights…. First, it was tens of thousands of Afghans who put their faith in and service with us but for whom Secretary of State Antony Blinken couldn’t be bothered to expedite visas. Then there were the millions of Afghan women. The cost for Climate Envoy John Kerry’s pursuit of China’s signature of virtue-signaling climate change declarations is turning a blind eye to Uyghur genocide.

And Israeli Maj Gen (res) Gershon Hacohen, former Israel Defense Forces Northern Corps Commander:

All the players in the Middle East recognize the weakness of the American presence in the region. The American strategy, as expressed in the National Security Strategy document of the White House, established a new order of priorities. In the first place, dealing with the competition with China in the Far East and across the Pacific Ocean….

The bottom line is that the state of Israel finds itself isolated like it has not been for decades, and this in itself accelerates the processes of joining regional alliances against Israel.

This is Biden’s continued disdain for Israel layered on top of all the failures vis-à-vis the People’s Republic of China noted earlier.

Finishing jobs like that in the way that he’s begun them would be damaging to our nation in the extreme.

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