Legalized Doxing

Doxing is the process of publicly identifying/publishing a person’s private information in order to “punish” that person for some imagined offense or for revenge because that person did something the doxxer didn’t like. In most jurisdictions, doxing is at least civilly wrong if not criminally so.

Now Michigan wants to force employers to dox their employees to unions.

A Michigan Senate bill currently under consideration aims to require employers to share employees’ name, home address, cell phone number, work address location, and personal email address with labor representatives every 90 days.

That’s all employees, not just union members. And every 90 days, yet—because the Progressive-Democratic Party members are at pains to keep the unions current on the dox data. State Senator John Cherry (D) on his Senate Bill 169:

The intent here is to make sure that individuals who are legally required to represent employees have the information on who they are actually required to represent and the ability to contact them and fulfill their requirements of representation[.]

This is utterly disingenuous. The unions already know who they represent: they have the union cards and the dues remittals. They don’t need to know where their members live, or their cell phone numbers, or their personal email data except to personally harass those employees who don’t toe the union line. They especially don’t need to know this information about employees who are not union members—union individuals don’t represent them, by intent of the non-union employee.

And for how long does anyone think unions would keep that information nonpublic, in any case, especially the information of those employees impudent enough to decline to join?

This is yet another example of unions gone amok and of Progressive-Democratic Party-run governments aiding and abetting union misbehavior.

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