Taxing the Middle Class and Poor

Arizona’s Progressive-Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed a bill that would have barred cities and municipalities from taxing food purchases. Hobbs’ rationalization went like this:

The bill, originally unveiled as a way to mitigate inflation, does not take effect for more than two years. What’s more, it does nothing for the more than 800,000 Arizonans who use SNAP and WIC benefits for their groceries, as these constituents are already exempt from the tax.

Hobbs’ first beef might seem like a reasonable objection, and one easily corrected. However, it’s reasonable, also, to give those cities and municipalities whose budgets currently use those food taxes time to adjust their budgets.

Hobbs’ second beef, though, is just…silly. It wholly ignores those who aren’t on food stamps, the upper reaches of Arizona’s second income quintile, the third quintile, and into the fourth—the rest of the poor, and the middle class. And those Arizonans who are Evilly Rich and have more money than the Progressive-Democrats think they should have.

Just—pay up, suckers.

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