Gainful Employment

In her Wednesday Wall Street Journal op-ed, Judy Shelton wrote extensively about the Federal Reserve Bank’s spotty performance in combatting the latest round of inflation, effort in which the Fed has been engaged for the last year.

Then she concluded her piece with this:

In other words, when capital is allocated through meaningful price signals that reward long-term investment in productive economic opportunities, people become gainfully employed and real growth leads to greater prosperity.

True enough as far as it goes. However, the Fed’s impact on capital allocation isn’t the only factor.

Congressional/Presidential—which is to say our elected representatives—spending and taxing policies are equally important, if not more so, factors. Our current welfare structure, based on high and increasing taxing and high and increasing spending, pays too many able-bodied to not work, and that reduces the number of folks ready to become gainfully employed. With the number of workers artificially reduced, the ability to allocate capital is limited.

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