A Terse View of Law

This is from Ron Wyden, a Progressive-Democratic Party Senator from Oregon:

In the coming days a lawless Trump-appointed judge is expected to ban access to abortion medication nationwide. I’m calling on the FDA to protect the safety of every woman in America by keeping the drug on the market no matter the ruling.

He insists that doctors also ignore the court’s ruling, and the law of the land, if that ruling goes against the Progressive-Democrat’s personal views.

This is the contempt that Party has for law, for court rulings, for our Constitution, and for us average Americans. Law, courts, our Constitution are not even suggestions; they’re simply to be ignored because these Know Betters are above all that petty stuff.

We need to remember this despotic attitude of Party in 21 months. And inject backbone into our non-Progressive representatives at all levels of government in the meantime.

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