Here is an example of how dangerous the Left’s projection is getting for our children, ably provided by a William “Willy” Villalpando, who taught at Santa Ana College in California at least as recently as June 2021. He says that the idea of “childhood innocence” [is] an example of “mythology.” Then he made it worse and explicit:

There is a common mythology that children live in this world of pure innocence, and that by introducing or exposing them to the real-world adults are somehow shattering this illusion for them. Therefore, there is a banning of topics and issues that children should not be exposed to, as if they are not experiencing them already.

Especially (as paraphrased by Fox News), The teacher went on to say that if parents didn’t have the conversations with kids, it was up to teachers to foster classroom environments that “may make others uncomfortable.”

Because children belong to the State.

This is the Left projecting their own perversions to the extent that they’re assuming our children behave the way those…persons…do. How far Extreme is the American Left getting?

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