The Just the News lede lays the matter out clearly and in its most basic terms. In an article centered on FBI whistleblowers blowing the whistle on the FBI’s intrinsic political bias, that lede read

House Republicans think federal agencies have become a weapon against their own apolitical employees and the constitutional rights of Americans. House Democrats think House Republicans have become a weapon against the prerogatives of federal agencies.

There it is in stark terms. Republicans (not just House Republicans) and Conservatives strongly favor limited government. Progressive-Democrats (not just House Progressive-Democrats) and the Left generally strongly favor expansive government.

It doesn’t matter to those Progressive-Democrats and their Leftist supporters that the prerogatives of federal agencies are strictly limited by the bounds of the statutes that create those agencies and that then give them the frameworks within which they engage in their statutorily mandated and limited activities. Neither does it matter to them that the prerogatives of the Federal government are just as strictly limited by our Constitution, which strictly enumerates the powers of government in Article I, Section I, and then creates a wide and deep moat around those enumerated powers with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

The Republicans and Conservatives in the House, far from being a weapon against agency prerogatives, are finding their own voice as the voice of We the People, who as the sovereign in our nation determine what prerogatives our government and any of its agencies may (not can) have and for how long.

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