Don’t Waste Any More Time

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability asked for Hunter Biden’s bank and communications records. Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said “No” with the rationalization that the Oversight Committee’s request lacked oversight basis. This excuse is so risible as to be contemptible.


Stop wasting time handling these persons with kid gloves. Subpoena the documents, and then go get them under threat of arrest—and actual arrest and lockup—using the Senate’s Jurney v MacCracken precedent. Find Hunter Biden in contempt, have the House Sergeant at Arms arrest him and bring him before the House, there to try him on the contempt charge, and if convicted jail him until he clears the contempt failure by producing the untampered with (vis., unredacted) documents for the Committee’s satisfaction.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on MacCracken, which makes clear that this power extends to each house of Congress and is not limited to the Senate, can be read here.

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