Perino is Right, but….

Dana Perino, a Press Secretary for former President Bush the Younger (R) thinks President Joe Biden’s (D) Press Secretary Karine Jeanne-Pierre is being poorly used by her boss and by her boss’ Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. Her performance—leaving aside her inability to speak extempore—has been abysmal.

When asked back on 11 January whether the search for classified documents at Biden’s Delaware “residence” was finished, she responded You should assume it has been completed, yes. The next day more classified documents were found in Biden’s “residence” garage. Perino:

One, they either didn’t tell her. And I believe when she said she didn’t know, she found out the same day the press corps did[.]
So it looks like she was involved in a cover-up if she did know. But she didn’t know. So then they’re like, “Oh, wait, so you don’t know what you’re talking about? So you don’t have the confidence of the chief of staff?” And they just sit there and let her twist in the wind every single day.

Perino is right, but in the end, Jean-Pierre’s plight isn’t only on Biden, or even Klain. She’s not stuck on the White House plantation, nor is she bound by Biden’s chains. She can—and should—walk at any time; she lacks only her own moral courage to do so.

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