Sounds Like a Personal Problem

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is having a crying jag over the influx of illegal aliens arriving in his city.

We are at our breaking point. Based off our projections, we anticipate being unable to continue sheltering arriving asylum seekers on our own….

That overwhelming inflow? “More than” 3,100 “asylum seekers” in the past week, with 835 “last Thursday alone.” By his own estimate, his sanctuary city has received around 40,000 asylum seekers since the spring of 2022.

New York City is proudly a sanctuary city, and Mayor Adams is just as proud of his city’s status as a sanctuary city. Yet he both beefs about being taken at his word with illegal aliens sent—with the illegals’ prior written permission—to his city for the promised sanctuary, and he has chosen to do nothing since his accession to the Mayor’s Mansion (notice that: his mansion) to prepare his sanctuary city to receive sanctuary seekers.

Meanwhile, the cities and towns along our southern border, from western Arizona to Texas’ Gulf Coast, are inundated with millions of illegal aliens per year and nearly 48,000 just in the first three weeks of this year, not in the 10 or so months since the spring of 2022. These cities and towns truly are overwhelmed.

For Adams and his staffers that works out—if my third-grade arithmetic serves me well—to nearly 16,000 illegal aliens per week so far just this month. Again, for the benefit of Adams and his staffers, and again if my third-grade arithmetic serves me, that’s nearly five times the inflow that New York City has been experiencing. And not for just the few months that Adams’ team has been facing, but for the last two-plus years.

Adams has a personal problem, centered on his virtue-signaling hypocrisy and his squalling about being held to his word. Us average Americans are getting fed up with his whiny attitude.

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