But It Wasn’t Me

The re-elect Lori Lightfoot for Chicago mayor sent an email to area high schools and to City Colleges of Chicago asking teachers to grant class credit to student volunteers who would work on her campaign. Not on any campaign for mayor or for any city office, but only on Lightfoot’s campaign for mayor.

When the campaign’s move was publicly exposed, Lightfoot claimed the email was a mistake and shouldn’t have gone out.

Then she blamed a junior staffer for the foul-up.

While Lightfoot called the email a mistake and said she was apologizing, putting all the blame on one young staffer. [sic] Lightfoot said she only learned the staffer reached out to CPS teachers and City Colleges staff on work emails Wednesday afternoon.

She tried to lighten the blame game:

“It was a mistake, she understands it was a mistake,” Lightfoot said.

Rather than firing the staffer, Lightfoot said it will be a teaching moment for her campaign….


The staffer was operating directly within the parameters Lightfoot, as the MFWIC of that operation, already had set up. Lightfoot didn’t even acknowledge her own role in the mistake; she laid the whole thing off on the young woman.

Lightfoot’s procedure is simply to duck all responsibility and toss the staffer, who’s in no position to defend herself from her boss’ accusation, under the Mayoral bus. With Lightfoot at the controls.

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