Republican Virtue-Signaling

Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives voted Wednesday to impeach Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner over his position that some crimes, like prostitution, theft, and drug-related offenses would no longer be prosecuted and were therefore de facto legal. Krasner also stands accused of lying to judges and to crime victims. The vote was 107-85. With violent crime spiking as it is in Philadelphia during Krasner’s soft-on-crime term, it certainly seems he should be unceremoniously removed from office.


Pennsylvania’s State Senate doesn’t even know when it’ll get around to trying him. It is certain, though, that there aren’t the votes to convict Krasner, and the Republicans in the House have known this all along.

This move goes along with the push by Republicans in the Federal House of Representatives to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden—if, in fact, they win a majority of House seats. It’s certainly the case that Mayorkas badly needs removal, and it’s also likely that Biden is, for a number of reasons, unfit. House Republicans, though, know full well that there aren’t the votes in the Senate to convict either.

This is just Republicans yapping, it’s a waste of time, and the foolishness of it is one part of the reason the 2022 Red Wave turned out to be a little pink stain.

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