“Biden Forgets….”

The Wall Street Journal‘s Editors are busily making excuses for President Joe Biden’s (D) performance as President, which office he gained after 40 years in Federal public office, including 8 as the No. 2 in the White House.

Mr Biden was clearly confused about a basic question of law with major fiscal and constitutional implications. It’s disconcerting that he doesn’t even seem to know how major policy decisions were made in his own Administration only weeks ago.

The Editors are too anxious to lay Biden’s…misspeaks…off to a declining mental capacity.

Readers, though, shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Biden is the leader of the political party that holds itself and its members out as so much better, so morally superior, so much smarter than us average Americans, denizens of flyover country and pseudo-fascists that we all are.

Contrary to the Editors, Biden is fully aware of what he’s doing and saying, and he does and says them on purpose, out of that self-asserted superiority and contempt for the rest of us. He knows full well the policy decisions his Administration made and still makes—that he made and still makes; he is the one in charge.

Biden also is fully aware of the relationship between his decisions and our Constitution; he simply doesn’t care. He shares the same disdain for our Constitution that his party has held at least since Woodrow Wilson.

There are no excuses.

Rule No. 4.

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