My Advice

The Progressive-Democrats who are especially vulnerable to losing their (re)elections this fall are hiding away from/dodging/refusing to answer questions about their Party leader, President Joe Biden’s (D) characterization of half of us Americans as being “semi-fascists” and “threats to democracy.”

Fox News Digital reached out to each of the 21 Democrats running for re-election in districts considered “toss-ups,” as well as “lean” and “likely Republican,” and asked them whether they, like Biden, do not respect “MAGA Republicans” and whether they believe Republicans are a “threat” to democracy as the president has claimed. None of them responded.

My advice to Republican candidates, in those districts and everywhere else: keep asking that question of your opponent in every ad, in every debate, but don’t dwell on it. Turn immediately to identifying in concrete, measurable terms the failures in your immediate opponent’s policies, or the fact that he has no concrete policy on offer. Then finish with what you’ll push for, fight for, if elected, and do that in concrete, measurable terms. No more glittering generalities.

My advice to Dr Mehmet Oz (R, PA, Senate candidate) in particular: since your opponent, John Fetterman (D, PA, Lieutenant Governor and Senate candidate), won’t debate you, hold three public debates anyway, or all five of them that you have on offer, each time against an empty chair. Ask him/his chair about his inflammatory statements, and let the chair’s silence be his answer. Then talk, as just above, about what you’ll do, specifically, if elected, and ask the empty chair if he has any disagreement. Let the chair’s silence be his answer.

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