Biden to Oil Producers: Produce More

Also Biden to oil producers: you can’t drill, though.

The Biden administration plans to block new offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans….

Produce more, but…. This is on top of the existing slow-walking and outright sitting on the myriad permits required to act on existing leases.

Oh, wait….

The proposal released by the Interior Department on Friday evening would allow as many as 11 oil lease sales for offshore drilling over the course of five years.

As many as 11 of them—a couple a year over those five years. Never mind that Biden’s administration cannot be trusted to grant the permits required for those leases to have a chance.

Never mind that it takes years, once the permits are granted, to drill a producing well, or that not all drilling will result in a producing well.

Never mind that the Biden administration cannot be trusted to not cancel those leases later in the name of its drive to the Liberal World Order.

Never mind that even if all five of those years are available to production, they’re not enough for the oil producers to recoup the costs of the exploration and subsequent drilling for effect.

That’s the duplicity of President Joe Biden (D) in his cynical pretense to be “doing everything he can” to reduce the cost of gasoline at the pump and of energy generally.

One thought on “Biden to Oil Producers: Produce More

  1. And the permits for roads and pipelines to transport the output of the drilling … if successful.

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