Giving the Game Away

NBC‘s Lester Holt is a member of the journalism guild and another member of the Left who’s done so. He said, as part of his long list of our claimed failings in responding to the Wuhan Virus, while he determinedly emoted about the raw numbers of deaths from the Wuhan Virus, that

…we forgot about the unpredictability of free will….

Because we should have obeyed the “science” being put out by our Know Betters in Government. We should have meekly accepted those instructions.

We should have joined our Know Betters in ignoring the larger science behind Holt’s manufactured angst over his soul-crushing milestone of 1 million deaths from the Virus. We should have paid no attention to that larger science behind the curtain, the rest of the story that showed that the Virus’ mortality rate for fundamentally healthy adults is a small fraction of 1% and, for our children, nearly non-existent. That whole story, not the carefully selected bits and pieces that suit the Left’s artificially done hysteria, showed very strongly that the only folks truly at risk from the Virus are those with existing comorbidities and those who are older than 85-ish.

That Holt included in his tear-jerker monologue his concerns about obstructionist free will is entirely consistent with the Left’s contempt of us average Americans and the Left’s drive to reduce us to wards of an all-knowing, all-benevolent State run by those denizens of the Left.

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