Parental Rights

Some court cases are being engaged in response to the number of Leftist school boards pushing child sex transition “discussions” onto children behind the kids’ parents backs, and occasionally in defiance of parents’ written instructions.

A handful of court cases are being debated to decide whether school officials should be required to tell parents if their child identifies as LGBT.

These Leftists actually think going behind the parents’ backs is justifiable.

[Lambda Legal lawyer Kell] Olson would like to see parents support school districts’ “reasonable policies” rather than resort reflexively to the courts to uphold parental rights.

This gives away the game. No school policy that denies parents knowledge of the child’s performance at school or of the school’s treatment of their child is reasonable. No school policy that in any way seeks to circumscribe parents’ rights can be reasonable. That especially applies to whose responsibility it is to have discussions with children regarding gender and sex and sexual behavior.

Contrary to Olson’s attempts to justify this abusive behavior, not just of the parents’ rights, but of the parents’ kids, also, here’s Rick Claybrook, representing parents in a lawsuit against the Montgomery County school district:

Kids have their parents to protect them because they’re not able to do so until they reach maturity….

Especially, apparently, to protect them from out of control school boards and school administrators and school teachers.

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