Negotiating With Terrorists

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was asked by Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) whether the [Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps] has been asked to stop plotting assassinations. Blinken answered:

…one of the strong messages we send to them [Iranian negotiators] is they need to stop targeting our people…and they said they know what they would need to do to address this problem.

Cruz also asked whether it is the case that

the IRGC is actively trying to murder former senior officials of the US.


…there is an ongoing threat against American officials both present and past.

Ongoing, after the “strong messages” have been “sent.” Plainly, Iran has a different view of what the problem is and what they would need to do to address it than has Cruz. Blinken appears oblivious to the difference.

This is what Biden-Harris is begging to “negotiate” with from the kiddie table in Vienna and who he has doing the begging negotiating.

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