President Joe Biden’s (D) Success in the American Dream tax. That’s what he and his Progressive-Democratic Party cronies are about to propose and to try to inflict on us. A minimum tax of 20% on income, and on the increased value of non-income assets over the prior year—whether or not those assets were sold and actual income received from the sale.

Because success—making it especially big—in our nation without the “help” of Big Government is anathema to Progressive-Democrats. Such success goes against their mantra that us average Americans can’t be trusted with our own decisions; our own definitions of our needs, our wants, our charities (and how to support them); our own means of satisfying our responsibilities and living with our liberties.

No, our American Dream must be, and must be limited to, what Progressive-Democrats say it is for all of us, not what each of the 330 million of us individuals say it is for each of us individuals.

Oh, and this: Biden and his syndicate cronies don’t even have a use for the tax money, nor have they claimed a plausible one. They just want it. They’re jealous that others have more of it than they do.

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