The Greenies’ Desired Outcome

As even the wokest of the woke “Green” energy aficionados know, oil is at the heart of a modern economy, both for energy and for other products.

  • resin sheet makers that in turn get raw materials from big chemical companies—which get their chemicals from hydrocarbons: oil and natural gas
  • fertilizer typically includes ammonia or other nitrogen compounds that are made in a process starting with natural gas—that’s all of our food, from the grains we eat to the grains we feed meat animals

Also negatively impacted by the Greens’ attack on hydrocarbons:

  • the availability of plastics and carbon fibers for the electric vehicles they’re so enamored of
  • the availability of plastics and carbon fibers for the “environmentally sound” housing and office buildings they so vociferously demand
  • the availability of energy to produce the glasses and metals necessary for the solar and wind and battery storage devices they demand to replace hydrocarbon-sourced energy production

But let’s see how many of these items they’re willing to live without.

Of course the food supply and cost won’t bother these dilletantes—they’ve got the money. It’s the poor who will suffer from the higher prices, become nutritionally deficient because they can’t afford the higher prices, suffer the damage and deaths from the famines that will result from the lower production rates of food.

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