It’s About Time, Joey

The Biden-Harris administration has finally gotten around to honoring an urgent request from an erstwhile American ally.

The Biden administration has transferred a significant number of Patriot antimissile interceptors to Saudi Arabia within the past month, fulfilling Riyadh’s urgent request for a resupply amid sharp tensions in the relationship, senior US officials said.
The transfers sought to ensure that Saudi Arabia is adequately supplied with the defensive munitions it needs to fend off drone and missile attacks by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen, one of the officials said.

That’s good.

Now the Biden-Harris administration also needs to honor another urgent request, this one from a current American ally. The administration needs to ship multiple batteries of Patriot antimissile interceptors to Ukraine. Those batteries also need to be accompanied by the administration’s stepping out of the way of Poland, and others, transferring MiG-29s and other combat aircraft to Ukraine.

This would partially fulfill that nation’s urgent, repeated requests and desperate need for air and missile defense systems with which to defend itself from the actual and ongoing invasion by barbarians from the East and immediate north.

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