So What if it Is?

Great Britain, in a move toward filling the vacuum left by President Joe Biden’s (D) dangerous timidity when facing Russian President Vladimir Putin, has sent serious arms into Ukraine to help that nation prepare for the coming Russian invasion. (It’s telling that Germany, dependent as it has sold itself into, on Russian energy, forced the British supply aircraft to fly around German airspace to get to Ukraine.)

Putin reacted to that and trotted out his Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, to object to plussing up Ukraine’s ability to defend itself. As cited by Fox News, she said that

Ukraine perceives Western military assistance as a “carte blanche for a military operation in Donbas.”

I certainly hope Ukraine has that perception, and that the perception is grounded in fact. The Donbas is, after all, Ukrainian territory, for all that Russia currently occupies most of it.

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