Out of Touch

At last Friday’s noon-ish press conference, a reporter (Fox News‘ term) asked President Joe Biden’s (D) Press Secretary Jen Psaki why Biden’s approval ratings were so low. Psaki’s response:

I would just go back to what our view is, is that we’re still going through a hard time in this country. And people are tired of fighting the pandemic, they’re tired of the impact on their lives.

And we all thought it would be over at this point in time[.]

No, we’re not tired of fighting the pandemic, or of its impact on our lives. We’re tired of the impact Government is having on our lives with its overreacting to the virus, its interference in our lives, its using this virus situation to increasingly limit our liberties.

We’re tired of the hard time Government is causing under the guise of the virus.

And: the virus situation has long since been over. Peak new Wuhan Virus Delta variant cases was ‘way last August, and peak Delta variant-related deaths was ‘way last September. On top of that, those peaks were a small fraction of the peaks from the original Wuhan Virus new cases and related deaths.

What our view is. This is how out of touch with us average Americans the Biden-Harris administration is.

Or, maybe it’s their fingers in their ears.

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