The VA Fails Again

Just when you thought maybe it was getting better, too. Nope.

Not only did one of our veterans die in a VA facility, in a stairwell 60 feet from the door to his residential room, the Bedford, MA, VA hospital in which he was resident couldn’t be bothered even to search for him. His

decomposing body wasn’t found until a month after his disappearance in an emergency stairwell just 60 feet from the door of his residential room at the facility.

The VA didn’t even take care of routine business—which likely would have led to locating the man sooner, even if maybe not in time to save his life. That lack even of the routine

prevented anyone at VA from encountering [the deceased veteran] during the month after he was reported missing through routine patrols or cleaning of the emergency exit stairwell in which his body was found.

The VA’s IG report can be read here.


Veteranos Administratio delende est.

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