And We Thought Obama Was Bad

…with his penchant for finger-wagging in lieu of concrete action.

Here are the Houthis, demonstrating their utter contempt for the Biden-Harris administration and its diplomatic mouthpiece, SecState Antony Blinken (D).

First, President Joe Biden (D) cut off arms sales to the Saudis, hoping the Houthis would appreciate the gesture and play nice. The Houthis’ nice play was a drone attack on a Saudi civilian airport that wounded eight and damaged a commercial aircraft.  Blinken

“strongly” condemned the attack, adding that “we again call on the Houthis to uphold a ceasefire and engage in negotiations under UN auspices.”

After that condemnation, the not very chastened Houthis fired missiles into eastern Saudi Arabia, damaging homes and injuring children.  Blinken responded in no uncertain terms. Sort of.

This is completely unacceptable. These attacks threaten the lives of the Kingdom’s residents, including more than 70,000 US citizens.

The Houthis must begin working toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution under UN auspices to end this conflict[.]

Or else what, Blinken? What are you—or your boss, Biden-Harris—going to do if the Houthis remain unresponsive to porch dog yapping?

On the other hand, all that’s left for the Houthi management team to do is to turn their backs to Biden-Harris-Blinken and moon them.

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