California’s Regulations

Do they impact other States?

One regulation, in particular, concerns California’s potential regulation, under the upcoming Proposition 12, which seeks to control the amount of space hog farmers devote to each hog.

Nominally, Prop 12 is causing non-California hog farmers (and, presumably, the two or three California hog farmers) confusion, according to Tasha Bunting, the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Assistant Director of Commodities & Livestock Programs:

Prop 12 really doesn’t have all of their rules implemented yet. What exactly it is going to look like hasn’t been finalized. It is really putting our producers behind the eight ball from the get-go[.]

And then California finalizes its rules—however late in the game—and confusion supposedly disappears, and hog farmers around the US begin to adjust.

Or not.

Prop 12’s impact spreads beyond California’s borders only to the extent other States, hog farmers domiciled in other States, allow it to. There are plenty of markets, domestic and foreign, for hog producers. They don’t have to sell into California at all.

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