Infrastructure Sham

The Senate is grinding its way to passage of what some are pleased to call a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Leave aside the shoddy bookkeeping the Senators are engaging in with their claimed pay-fors, shoddiness that the CBO has seen through. By itself the bill still might not be so bad (though even that much is strongly arguable).

Republicans should walk away from this “infrastructure” bill altogether, regardless of its pretended cost, regardless of any amendment bones Progressive-Democrats might toss their way, regardless, even, if pay-fors could be found that actually balance the books on this sham.

President Joe Biden (D) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) each have irrevocably tied this bill to the Progressive-Democrats’ reconciliation bill, and Senate Progressive-Democrats have said they’d include in that reconciliation monstrosity whatever is left out of this “infrastructure” thing.

The “infrastructure” bill is nothing but a glorified amendment to the Progressive-Democrats’ reconciliation bill, and it will be adjusted accordingly when the Progressive-Democrats start ramming through their larger bill.

Republicans should have no part of this charade.

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