Rent Collections Moratorium

Recall earlier this summer when the CDC’s interminable ban on landlords collecting the rent payments due them came before the Supreme Court.

Recall, further, the 5-4 ruling that upheld the ban, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh rationalizing his vote to uphold by saying that he’d be a fifth vote to bar the ban beyond the end of July—because the ban was due to expire then, anyway—absent Congress’ specific authorization by passing a law allowing a rent collection moratorium. He averred the CDC had no authority to issue a moratorium on its own authority.

Then the moratorium expired last weekend, and the House recessed with no action taken on the matter.

Now President Joe Biden (D) has instructed his CDC to figure out how to extend the moratorium, and the CDC has done so—into early October.

Biden and the CDC have played Kavanaugh for a chump.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Justice’s excuse will be this time for upholding the “moratorium” in the event the matter comes back to the Supreme Court.

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