Fair Share

CPA Jay Starkman asked a question in his Wednesday Wall Street Journal op-ed. His piece centered on the President Joe Biden (D) tax hikes and expansions. Starkman noted that as recently as 2018—after the Trump tax cuts—the top 5% of American taxpayers still paid 60.3% of all the income taxes paid that year while the bottom 50% paid just 3% of the total.

Thus, his question:

How much higher than 60% will satisfy calls for the rich to pay their “fair share”?

With the Progressive-Democrats’ refusal to say what a “fair share” is, or who should pay it other than their carefully nebulous “the rich”, the answer to the question is obvious: all of it.

As that hero of the Progressive-Democratic Party, John Nance Garner said: We have got to confiscate wealth.

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