Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick

Or, in the eyes of some sports commentators, it’s Tim Tebow vs Colin Kaepernick. Because white privilege.

I don’t ordinarily comment on sports in this blog, but this item isn’t about sports. It’s about respect and patriotism.

The proximate subject and source of commentators’—the personage at the link isn’t alone—manufactured angst is that, after a number of years, Tim Tebow has signed with an NFL football team to try to earn a slot on the roster for the coming season, while Colin Kaepernick has sat out for a similar number of years, unable to get a contract.


When Tebow takes a knee, it’s to give thanks for a successful play and a successful game. And to give thanks even after an unsuccessful game.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, takes knees in utter, deliberate disrespect for our national anthem, our national flag, and in deep insult to all the generations of American soldiers who’ve fought, been killed, been maimed fighting for everything our anthem and our flag symbolize—including Kaepernick’s right to be an insulting ass.

And Kaepernick does this while oh so piously insisting that he’s protesting social injustice and police brutality, instead of going into the neighborhoods and working, concretely, for more and better opportunities for the locals and working with the police to improve their neighborhood performance.

Oh, and Kaepernick did get a specially arranged tryout—and walked away from it at the last minute over another of his made-up beefs.

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