Demanding Surrender

While Hamas increases its terrorist rocket attacks on Israel’s population centers—explicitly targeting civilian women and children with the targeting—and Israel increases its active defense against Hamas’ terrorism—while at the same time, warning the occupants of targeted buildings, including the terrorists therein, of the impending attacks—the Biden-Harris administration is stepping up its pressure on the Israeli government to come to a cease fire.

Since it isn’t possible for the Israelis to contemplate a cease fire until the terrorists cease firing, this amounts to Biden-Harris pressure on Netanyahu to surrender to Hamas.

This is a despicable Progressive-Democrat betrayal of our strongest ally in the Middle East and one of our strongest allies anywhere in the world—especially since Hamas’ purpose, and that of Hamas’ master, Iran, is not to force Israel to give them anything, but to achieve the utter destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews. That purpose is well-known to the Progressive-Democrats, but it doesn’t matter to them.

At least, though, Biden-Harris is setting an example for Netanyahu. Biden-Harris has lifted bars to construction of Nordstream 2 and removed associated sanctions against Russian companies and government officials—ze’s own abject surrender to Russia.

It’s telling that Biden-Harris’ meekness in front of Vladimir Putin comes on the heels of a Russian entity hacking into a major US oil pipeline and shutting down 45% of the fuel deliveries to the east coast—until tribute ransom was paid (itself a disgusting display of abject cowardice that only increases the danger to us all).

Update: He’s gone ahead and done it. Biden has forced Netanyahu to call an end to Israel’s defense against Hamas’ terrorist attacks by agreeing an unconditional cease-fire, ostensibly brokered by Egypt (which has brokered similar deals in the past).

With this cease-fire, Israel has been forced to call off its active defense before it has reduced Hamas’ ability to assault Israeli women and children ever again.

Oh, when Biden announced the agreement, he had many pretty words about the US always standing with Israel, many flowery phrases nicely averring Israel’s right to defend itself.

But the bottom line is that Israel has been forced by Biden to stop defending itself before its task was finished, before Israel had achieved its goals of destroying Hamas’ weapons caches and launch facilities and of eliminating Hamas’ terrorist leaders.

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