California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is marshalling his forces to combat the effort to recall him from the State’s governorship that’s well in progress.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT):

Right-wing Republicans in CA are trying to recall @GavinNewsom for the crime of telling people to wear masks and for listening to scientists during COVID. Extremist Republicans have done enough to undermine democracy already.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA):

In a naked partisan power grab, extreme right-wing Republicans are trying to recall @GavinNewsom.

They also generally make the claim that Newsom’s “crime” is insisting on wearing masks and “following science.” Except that both he is not following the science. Actual science demonstrates that only the truly old and those with comorbidities are the ones at risk. Empirical data—the foundation of science—demonstrate that lockdowns, especially of the sort that Newsom is trying to keep imposed, are far more damaging, to physical and mental health as well as to economic health.

This is a mark of how far Left the Progressive-Democratic Party has gone, that they argue with a straight face that mainstream Americans are extremist.

It’s also a mark of the utter contempt that the Progressive-Democratic Party has for ordinary Americans.

Remember this in the fall of 2022.

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