The Wuhan Virus “Relief” Bill

…that the Progressive-Democrats rammed through on strictly Party lines (after President Joe Biden (D) so piously promised bipartisanship and the Progressive-Democrat Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, so loudly proclaimed that he would not support any bill that did not have input and support “from my Republican friends”): it was prosyletized by Congressional Progressive-Democrats as desperately needed to revive our sagging, struggling economy.

Here’s how badly our economy was sagging and struggling:

Household net worth—the difference between assets and liabilities—ended the fourth quarter at $130.2 trillion, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. That was up 5.6% from the third quarter and 10% from the end of 2019.

That fourth quarter value is the highest household wealth level on record.

Struggling. More Progressive-Democrat newspeak.

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