Failure to Perform

As the California Republican delegation to the US House of Representatives have shown, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is failing—in particular in getting Federally supplied Wuhan Virus vaccines actually injected into California’s citizens.

California’s distribution of supplied vaccines to locations where citizens can get injected is execrable. As a result, California’s injection rate is execrable. As a result of that cascade failure, California’s citizens are at severe—and unnecessary—risk.

The 11-member delegation are demanding answers from Newsom:

The state of California should explain to Californians why the vaccine distribution has had such failures, despite having months to prepare prior to the development of the vaccine[.]

We write to express our serious concerns regarding the State of California’s slow, opaque decision-making process, and ever-changing approach to distributing COVID vaccines, which has been met with confusion and frustration by our constituents, local public health officials, and front-line health care providers[.]

Concretely, out of 7.8 million vaccine doses delivered to California by the Federal government, the State has injected only a bit over 5 million. That leaves more than a third of the doses undelivered, potentially going to waste, since the current iterations of the vaccines have a relatively short shelf life.

Newsom’s excuse?

The issue at the end of the day is supply. We need to manufacture more Moderna vaccine, more Pfizer vaccine. We need to get the federal approval of the J&J vaccine. We need to provide ample supply so we can plan

That is, to use the technical term, a crock. It’s also insulting to our intelligence.

California, despite being told for months that one or more vaccines would be ready by the end of the year (originally by November, but medical developments don’t follow government schedules), declined to bother to plan for their delivery to the State, and so California failed to plan the logistics chain of getting delivered supplies injected into citizens.

Nor does California have a supply problem, not with that third of the supply they already have delivered undistributed and uninjected.

California—Newsom’s administration—has a performance problem. It’s still not bothering with the supplies on hand.

There’s another dark aspect to this failure to perform. That is that Newsom’s attitude is typical of Progressive-Democrats’ demand for and acceptance of control from the center. It’s also typical of the dual that is their avoidance of their personal and political responsibility as State governing personnel in our federal republic—a structure which makes States first and primarily responsible for their own domestic practices.

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