More More Censorship of Conservatives

And now it’s not even particularly conservative voices, it’s the center-right voices of Newsmax TV and OANN that the Left is desperate to shut up.

Oliver Darcy, CNN Senior Media Reporter:

[I]t was the very lies that Fox, Newsmax, and OAN spread that helped prime President Trump’s supporters into not believing the truth: That he lost an honest and fair election[.]

Certainly lies according to that which may not be questioned, CNN. There were, actually, quite a breathtaking number of election irregularities in that election. Maybe Biden would have won anyway, absent those irregularities, but that’s beside the point. Discussions, debates, regarding those irregularities and the election itself are entirely proper.

And Alex Stamos, ex- of Facebook and now an occasional CNN contributor, on a CNN television show:

We are going to have to figure out the OANN and Newsmax problem. These companies have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such bringing them into tens of millions of homes.

Listen to what passes for logic in that. Freedom of speech appears to be confined to the OANN and Newsmax bathrooms, since they’re not to be allowed to speak in public. Neither are pipelines like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, “and such” allowed actually to be pipelines—they are to be required to censor what us ordinary Americans are to be allowed to hear.

Here’s Darcy again:

Just a reminder that neither @Verizon, @ATT, nor @comcast have answered any questions about why they beam channels like OAN [sic] & Newsmax into millions of homes. Do they have any second thoughts about distributing these channels given their election denialism content? They won’t say.

Neither are any of these carriers required to say. Aside from the lack of obligation to answer the inquisition, there’s no need: the foolishness of Darcy’s characterization is its own answer.

If the timid ones of CNN were able to form coherent arguments with which to counter the concerns, surely those so-smart ones would do so. Instead, they cower behind the shield of censorship. So long as its their own words that aren’t censored.

RTWT. The stuff CNN and its cronies are pushing isn’t merely disgusting, it’s a deliberate assault on American liberties, a careful attempt to destroy one of our core values, the stuff that makes America America.

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