More Censorship of Conservatives

Jack Dorsey has continued his Twitter shutdown of Conservatives, this time “temporarily freezing” the account of a Republican Congresswoman. (So much for “believe the woman” and “#MeToo.”)

[Marjorie Taylor (R, GA] Greene’s account “has been temporarily locked out for multiple violations” of Twitter’s “civic integrity policy,” a company representative said in an emailed statement.

For the heinous crime of—what, exactly?

Twitter did not specify what content led to the action—and the congresswoman herself said she was in the dark about the suspension

Rather than answering Greene’s commentary, for instance with actual logic and facts regarding Dorsey’s and his employees’ view of—what, again?—or fostering general conversation among Twitter users on—what was that?—Dorsey has chosen to simply shut up speech with which he’s incapable of discoursing and with which he has decided Twitterers are just too grindingly stupid to form rational argument. Or too emotionally wrecked to face such commentary. Or wholly incapable of simply ignoring the matter on their own initiative.

Or it’s just an excuse, a rationalization. Civic integrity: the truth according to Dorsey and his Twitter. Nothing more, nothing less. And nothing else.

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